Mountaineering, climbing, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, golf, sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, archery and much more. The waters of Lake Garda are even more brilliant during the summer: thousands of colourful windsurfers dart across the waters of the lake, creating a spectacle like no other.

Water enthusiasts can come to Gargnano on their own boats or rent them while here in order to enjoy the benefits of the lake directly on the lake, thanks to the numerous, efficient public and private facilities along the coast as well as the Gargnano’s long marina and boating tradition - in addition to that of sailing.




La Ciclopista del Garda is a cycle-pedestrian path in the province of Brescia that connects Limone sul Garda to the border of the province of Trento towards Riva del Garda. Affinace for a while the highway 45 bis Gardesana Occidentale.

The path, cantilever over the lake and anchored to the rock face, protrudes at a height of about 50 m from the water level. It can also be traveled at night, thanks to the LED lighting system.

It is part of the Ciclovia del Garda project, which is planned for 2021 and will cross 19 Lake Garda.




It has the valley station in the town of Malcesine, on Lake Garda and the arrival at Passo Tratto Spino on Monte Baldo. The manufacturer is Hölzl di Lana. The route is divided into two sections: the first from the lakeside (130 m) to the San Michele district of Malcesine, this section, with two cabins of 45 people each, plus the driver and without revolving motorcycles. The second section (Malcesine - Passo Tratto Spino) is used both in summer and in winter to serve the ski slopes of the pass and has two rotating cabins, able to perform a revolution of 360 °, with a capacity of 80 people each. plus the driver. Below the valley station, a covered parking area with 180 parking spaces has been created, from which the lifts to the station are connected to the bus terminal. The plant is divided into two sections: the first, Malcesine - S. Michele is 1512 m long and exceeds a height difference of 463 m; the second, from S. Michele al Monte Baldo, is 2813 m long and exceeds a difference in height of 1187 m The capacity is about 600 people / hour with cabins of 45 in the first section and 80 seats in the second.



Hiking our network of scenic trails is the best way to become familiar with the more interesting destinations. The splendid isolation of Valvestino, with its artifi cial lake, has earned it the status of a “Wilderness Area” - one of just thirty in Italy - where human intervention has been reduced to a minimum: truly one of nature’s cathedrals



An average-easy walk through the woods along path no. 31.

The more challenging walk is not recommended for families with children less than 5 years of age. It is an excellent place for picnics with breathtaking views. 

Walking time starting from Sasso (car park) - 1 hour; starting from the Gargnano centre (more challenging) - 3 hours.


An easy walk along old streets and paths to see the picturesque, hidden corners of Gargnano and communal devotion sites.

Its highest point is the centre of Gargnano. 

Walking time - 1.5 hours 


A pleasant and easy hillside walk from Muslone di Gargnano to Piovere di Tignale through orchards and olive groves, while enjoying beautiful views of the lake. Both Muslone and Piovere,

with their stone houses, are typical of traditional rural life in the area. Walking time starting from Muslone (car park) - 1 hour; starting from Gargnano centre - 2.5 hours.